Atlantic Medical Centre, Dr. Faranak Mehrabi — Don’t Care About Her Patients

I ordinarily do not like to blog about negative stuff here in Canada since it isn’t specifically valuable. But in this circumstance, I’m writing this specific article as awarning to people who intend to enroll with this practice in the potential future. Medical therapy is FREE in Canada. Yes, that is true. You wo not need to be concerned about the expense of seeing a physician.

You may only be worried about the price of the medication. In case you’ve got a permanent job, then you might find some health care benefits and that is going to cover some of the expense of your medicine. If you’re in a hospital, then all of your medicine is free whilst staying in a hospital.

With that said, when you visit a family physician with a consultation, it’s per illness. And the physicians are typically quite fast. Honestly, this isn’t a lot different in UK, but my encounter with this specific doctor was actually TERRIBLE. On my very first trip, I was not going to go, but my aunt insisted since he was likely to see the identical physician.

He explained that it is free anyway, so may also go with him. I did and that I did not enjoy this physician immediately. She met us, my aunt and his son) below a single appointment and handled us in less than two minutes each. Actually, if my aunt asked about the pains he receive out of his gout, whether he must avoid anythingelse.

Her reply was: oh, it is gout, it occurs. Ever since that time, I started phoning her, DR. IT HAPPENS. I didn’t actually put much focus on this, since I thought, ah, well, I am just going to ask for a different doctor next time. However, the next time that I went there, my cousin had to return and we had the exact same doctor because I wished to ask for an yearly check up.

I needed to visit DR. IT HAPPENS again. She, rushed during our therapy and I truly told my aunt how I do not like her. I hope we’ll see another physician. I had my blood tests done along with other evaluations for the yearly check up and to my dismay, I needed to see her to get the results.

I could not ask for a different physician as she had been the person who asked for my yearly check up. I made an appointment for those outcomes, it was on a Friday, 18 June 2014 at 6.45pm. I didn’t have a shift that afternoon to be in a position to get this appointment.

On that exact same day I was beginning to get some acidic issues. Since I had been to meet a physician, I decided to only wait a few and ask her rather. I was only worried because I’d had a history of pancreatitis. I only wanted to inquire if it’s linked or not.

From 6.10pm I got a voicemail message saying they’re asking when I could go sooner than 6.45pm. I chose to go and get there again and have it done and over with. I had been requested to seat inside the room, waited for 5 minutes after which she read my consequences just like a Telephone Interviewer dashing through the survey.

She guessed I eat bad food and I don’t exercise. Just because I seem it! I asked her about my own acidity. I have not completed my question when she stood up and interrupted me telling me: I shall just offer you the outcome of the test.

That is all, distinct appointment for distinct wellness issues.Fair enough, it is the exact same at UK, but I had been really concerned about the link for my pancreatitis. So, I went back to the secretary to request a consultation, at 6.45pm. That was open today because I arrived sooner.

The receptionist returned also stated it is not feasible.

The receptionist refused and stated that the physician won’t permit it. I said alright, then give me a different physician since I like another physician anyhow. I had been told that there were not any other physician except her. The receptionist returned also stated it is not feasible. And DR. IT HAPPENS, herself came outside. She had time to really see me out of her practice.

She asked me what the issue was. I told her I wish a consultation since I only need to ask a query about my belly issue. To which she interrupted me (I must begin calling her DR. IT HAPPENS, I INTERRUPT all of the TIME) which just 1 health issue per appointment.

I told her this is the reason I’m getting another appointment, because you should visit me at 6.45pm and that I arrived sooner you have a 6.45pm slot. To which she replied: I do not have a slot today, since I’m going home. (Bear in mind, she’s going home before because I arrived sooner, but she does not think of the in all).

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